What Do Cows Eat In Minecraft

What Do Cows Eat In Minecraft?

Cows are the most innocent and peaceful creatures as they are in the real world. They just walk around and eat what their owner gave to them. So lets talk more bout What do Cows eat in Minecraft? They are vegetarian so they eat everything except meat and flesh. Most of their found food is grass, wheat mushrooms, vegetables, fruits, dry grass, small plants, and leaves. The cows are considered the profitable mob in Minecraft.

Their owner can get milk, meat, leather, vermiculite, and new cow babies. Cows breeding in Minecraft is so simple. They need good food and time to get adults for pregnancy.

Fact About Cows in Minecraft

  • In Minecraft, there is no special distinction between male and female cows. When they get to adulthood they automatically come closer to each other. Wheat is the only food that helps them to attain a loving mood. 
  • Cows in Minecraft can not eat more food unless their produced milk never gets extracted. Only the player can do this job by taking a bucket and right click.

Our core topic is to discuss what do cows eat in Minecraft. We will try to debate whether all food belongs to the cows, their healthy lifestyle, and their productivity in Minecraft. This thing will surely help you maintain a healthy cow culture and a profitable farm to earn some goods and build your village as grand as you want to.

It will also help us in dealing with cows and their problems in real life. In this way, we can easily get access to the solution. This thing also keeps kids engaged and informed. In the next paragraph, we will directly describe those foods cows love to eat the most in Minecraft.

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What Do Cows Eat In Minecraft?


Grass is the basic food cows need in their whole life. Green Grass helps them to produce more milk. They can graze grass from the ground in landscapes, also in small chopped forms. Cows in farms mostly stay in stables so they usually get chopped grass with other food. But in open grounds, they can graze anywhere they like to. In the open, they don’t need players to feed them.


Sometimes, when cows desire to eat they demand wheat from players. Wheat is the food that allows cows to get into “Love Mode”. After getting into love mode, cows possibly breed and produce more baby cows.

The proper way to feed wheat to cows is given as;

  • Take wheat in hand.
  • Step closer to the cow.
  • “Right click” comes near. 
  • Cows will eat wheat in seconds. 

Wheat can give them the energy to breed right 5minute after they finish breeding. In Minecraft, players can only feed wheat to cows until the area is free and not get hustled by a large number of cows. So, wheat is what can answer our question; what do cows eat in Minecraft? It is because wheat fulfills all the needs of players and their cows.


Players rarely provide fruit to cows to eat. Because fruit comes with great effort, wheat, and grass can be obtained in less time with low effort. What if players lack grass and wheat so they can feed fruits to cows? To feed fruit, the player needs to pay the same method. 

  • Take fruit near to cows holding in hand. 
  • Right-click when come closer. 
  • Cows will eat fruit. 
  • Take the next fruit and vice verse. 
  • It is best to provide cows with wheat and grass because they are simple to get and harvest.

What Do Cows Eat In Minecraft?

  • Cows are less reactive and harmless animals in Minecraft.
  • They are productive but messy too, producing milk, leather, and meat. 
  • Cows in Minecraft are a good source of earning.
  • Feeding cows in Minecraft is very easy. 
  • They mostly spread in mob formation.
  • They always keep grazing in open green lands. 
  • The more cows breed the more baby cows produce. 
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How to breed Cows in Minecraft?

Breeding cows to get more baby cows is a very easy procedure. For breed, things are required and the process is given below:

  • For breeding, you need a pair of cows and an average portion of wheat. 
  • After feeding wheat lots of love hearts start appearing. It means they are ready to breed. 
  • After a few minutes, claves emerge as a result of the breed. 
  • A baby cow requires 20 minutes to get an adult. 
  • After that, it is added to the race to produce milk and meat. 
  • A pair can be bred again and again by feeding wheat after 5 minutes.

Pros and Cons


Cows on farms can be a great asset they help the player earn more Xp by utilizing cows

Keeping cows in Minecraft makes the place peaceful.

Players learn more about cows and animal keeping.

Cows produce leather, milk, baby cows, and meat.

Cows are harmless.


Cows eat more food than any other animal in Minecraft.

Earning from cows’s produce things is very low.

Cows can produce food shortages.


Cows are one of the lovely creatures. They mostly eat grazing and moving slowly. Attachment to their food is not that big a problem, these are everyday products available everywhere. The player just needs to manage his/her available products. Minecraft is a town-building game in which every existing thing keeps its worth. Everything is part and participates in developing the village greater. 

Cows in Minecraft are one of the innocent parts. They are productive and never disturb. Their keeping is very easy. Most of the players get distracted when they keep cows on their farm. They never know what cows eat in Minecraft. They normally eat grass, wheat, mushrooms, fruits, leaves, etc. All about their eating and diet is already discussed in detail in the above section.

FAQs About What Do Cows Eat In Minecraft?

Grass usually does not require any proper focus and observation. You can grow grass anywhere, read the seeds, and water the land. 

No, it is not possible because cows are so innocent that they are considered harmless creatures of Minecraft.

Not a big deal, you just need to spend XP to purchase more food.

Growing wheat is not that simple. It needs a planned land area and adequate fertilizer and water. 

In farms, most players keep them in stables. Stables are made up of wooden pieces like a wall.

Players collect milk and leather from cows and sell it to collect more XP. From this players can purchase other things in Minecraft.

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