Best Minecraft House Ideas of Minecraft 1.20

10 Best Minecraft House Ideas of Minecraft 1.20

Over the past couple of years, players worldwide have made millions off their dream horses in Minecraft. Some of those house ideas are breathtaking in their tastier and beauty. Let’s talk about where blocks will turn into homes, where Pixels will transform into cozy havens, and where your imagination has no limit. You are judging right; we are articulating Minecraft house ideas.

Here we have listed 10 top Minecraft house ideas which we have seen. We have left no stone unturned from the YouTube media link and some pictures. After getting so much Inspiration, we suggest you start working on your next dream house idea in Minecraft.

Important Note:
We update our list every month, so do come back and check again for new ideas for Minecraft.

Best Minecraft House Ideas and Designs

Best Minecraft House Ideas and Designs

You know the best Minecraft house idea is to build it underground so as not to be seen by anyone. It’s Kind of for Introverts. This house has stairs that will lead up to the surface and have a sunk type into the ground. It will be small but more modern and stylish looking, with enough rooms, and you can further expand if you want to go downstairs. That design might be the best inspiration for you to start making your own house in Minecraft Apks. That house idea will give you more storage area and be more expensive.

Cherry Blossom Survival House Idea

Minecraft1.20 Cherry blossom biome is the most significant addition. It’s a Zaypixel house. You will adore it if you desire to set a base and look around at what is occurring. Due to the new blocks, your house will give you a look of pink accents, and that is all because of the new Minecraft Cherry Blossom addition of the 1.20 version.

There will be the main entrance which is a painted pink staircase. These pink blocks will give you an advantage in designing your house, and this is one of the best examples from Zaypixel. It’s also one of the best Minecraft house ideas.


Starter Survival House Idea

This Minecraft house idea is best for you if you want survival. Without even thinking about the style, you can start building your house to get ideas Straight from the mind of a Gorilla.  A stately treehouse and an underwater base from an Afram dugout will be there. You can start exploring and mining to move quickly and to get some blocks to build your survival house idea for yourself.


Minecraft House Idea Inside A Mountain

If you have been to the Mountains, you must have seen that the way buildings stand there differs from here, and we all love that very much; I do very Much. Mountain houses are commonly built on hillsides and from where you can see the outside world of grand vistas right in front of the window of your house. To have that view, you must choose a view that has to change, and you can see it all around just from your house windows.


Japanese House Idea

If you have been to Japan, you must have seen that their buildings and all the other stuff in how they live are very much different from ours. This Japanese Aesthetic house has a lot of things in it, like having Japanese Style Pagoda, Cozy winter chalets, and Vintage houses. Minecraft lets you build anything you want to dream big, and there must be some chance that someone else has already built the house you were looking for.


Medieval Mansion Minecraft House Ideas

If you didn’t like the woodland mansion, you might love the next Minecraft medieval house for your cultivated taste. You can create this type of mansion using wood and stones, and they’ll be fit for royalty. Everything you see or create from the interior will have complete details.

You will get the feel of King Henry VIII when you see the mansion’s inside. Inside, you will see some workstations, flower pots, and hanging lighters. You will feel like it as a King or Queen.


Bamboo Wood House

Creating a house with Bamboo in Minecraft is fantastic and unique because bamboo might not be the best-looking wood for a house, but it has its look and uniqueness. Linard will help if you need help working with bamboo to make your next house. You can take some inspiration from Linard on YouTube.

While following the video and taking Inspiration, you can build your own bamboo Minecraft Apks house that will look pretty cute. You can build it near the coast and while that you can start your journey on the coast anytime also.


8×8 Starter Minecraft House Ideas

Let’s not beat around the bush and look at easier-to-build house in Minecraft, an 8×8 starter house will be the best choice. It will look marvelous even if it’s so easy to build. It needs to be your first house in Minecraft if you’re learning how to build a house in Minecraft. It might help you in survival mode to save yourself from some significant damage.


Three-Story Wooden House Idea

You might get bored by seeing or making simple one-story houses in Minecraft. So it’s the time to build something different from all others, you know, something unique. So here we had a Three Story idea of a Minecraft house Ideas that will help you to build an utterly distinctive house.

Three-story house Looks challenging to build, but it can be done without some expertise. You must follow these simple steps in the video to make your own house like that.

Three-Story Wooden House Idea

3-Floor White Container House

You have seen the Wonderful three-story House now; Turn over a new leaf. Look at this stylish 3-tire house with a modern look and design. That house is made by YouTube (ManDooMiN). This house has an incredible modern touch with a striking and beautiful look. It will be the perfect house for those who love modern houses, and that’s the three tires that make him way more different and set it apart from traditional houses you see in Minecraft.


Features of Minecraft House Ideas

  • It provides a complete range of concepts, modern designs, and sizes spanning different architectural Styles.
  • It helps you get inspiration for your house’s interior and exterior design.
  • You can develop your innovative building techniques with different Minecraft house ideas. 
  • You can create any house, from fantasy to historical and Sci-fi, once you know how to make them.
  • It will help to adapt the idea more quickly because you have seen how they are made, so it would be easy to create for yourself.
  • Some so many communities and forums let you contribute and get ideas for your house.
  • When you build a good-looking, visually appealing house, it will enhance your gameplay experience. 
  • Here you have a complete step-by-step guide on how to build a specific house design you want.

Pros and Cons of Minecraft House Ideas


It inspires you and builds your Creativity.

You will learn about a complete variety of styles for your house.

It will help in Guidance for Beginners.

You can learn some advanced techniques.


Relying on someone’s design will limit your originality.

Consistently using someone’s ideas will make you dependent on him.

Few of the building ideas will be more complex than it looks like.


It does not matter if you are a Casual player or play sometimes; Minecraft House ideas are a step to inspire you, improve your imagination, and let you create your personalized structures. Ultimately the decision to choose it’s all upon you what you are looking for and how rigid and easy work you can do for your house.

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You can construct any Building with any modern design that arrives to your sense. Show your Creativity and make some awesome designs.

8×8 Starter Minecraft House Ideas is easy to build for beginners, but it also looks charming.

The 3-Floor White Container House is somehow Strongest and a little bit hard to build. Because it got a more modern look and some extra features too.

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