How to Make Fireworks in Minecraft Easy Steps

How to Make Best Fireworks in Minecraft Easy Steps

Whether you are looking for something wonderful to celebrate the expedition or want to show your friends how to create real color chaos at night, Minecraft fireworks come hand in hand to make it possible. It has zero risk and more fun while making and playing with it. Here in this article we will talk about how to make fireworks in Minecraft. There is no fair for your castle, and your pets will not be frightened by your fireworks. There are a few extra ways of creating fireworks in Minecraft. We will discuss all of them one by one with Complete details.

Different Crafting Items and their Effects:

ItemSpecial Effect
DiamondIt Makes the Explosions sparky.
FeatherMakes Explosions throw upwards.
Fire ChargeThat Makes the Explosion bigger.

Make Rocket Fireworks in Minecraft Apks

Now it’s time to make fireworks; we only need Gunpowder and fireworks stars. Then, we will put them on a crafting table, and after that, you will see magic, which means your desired fireworks. There are a few simple steps; follow them as we have told you, and you can make fireworks in Minecraft Apk.

Open Crafting Table in Minecraft table
Add Gun Powder and Paper in Minecraft
  • Open your Crafting table.
  • Now Add One Paper with One Gunpowder into the Crafting Grid.
  • When you accomplish that, you will see your missile on the field’s right side. 
  • Now you have a Firework for use, you need to move it to the Inventory, and from there, you start your blasing journey. 

You can make more than one type of fireworks in Minecraft; a few more are also there to explore, so let’s get into that now. Lets make fireworks in Minecraft.

Make a Fireworks Star in Minecraft

First, you have to understand what a firework star is; it is an item that determines the effect, color, and shape of your fireworks. You can buy it from Minecraft Inventory or make your own. The process of making a Fireworks Star in Minecraft is simple:

Make a Fireworks Star in Minecraft
Make a Fireworks Star in Minecraft1
  • Now, open your crafting menu.
  • Add one Die and One Gunpowder of your own Choice. There are a few other items also, which are optional. If you want to assemble something distinct, you can attempt that too. You can add a head, glow stone, fire charge, or gold nugget for special effects like flickering.
  • Now, your Fireworks Star will arise on the field’s right flank.
  • It’s time to make it to your Inventory to use it.

Make Bigger Fireworks in Minecraft

It’s also the same process, almost like we did already. Now make fireworks in Minecraft which are bigger in sizes.

Make a Fireworks Bigger in Minecraft3
Make a Fireworks Star in Minecraft3
  • First Open Crafting Table.
  • Now add one Paper and three or four Gunpowder. The more Gunpowder you add, the higher your fireworks will go, so decide as you want to. 
  • Now, see your right side and a higher-going fireworks is ready.
  • Move it to Inventory, and you can use it there.

Make Fireworks for Crossbows in Minecraft

Making fireworks for crossbows in Minecraft is different from the old process that we have used. Now here we will make a firework in Minecraft Apk for Crossbows.

Make Fireworks for Crossbow in Minecraft
Make Fireworks for Crossbow in Minecraft1
  • Go to your Crafting Table, combine one Paper with one Gunpowder, and then move the Firework into Inventory. 
  • Your crossbow ammunition can be used as a firework rocket. You need to know that the more fireworks you get, the more your crossbow will give more damage. So now decide how much damage you want to create and select the quantity according to that. 
  • It would help if you had fireworks missiles in your Offhand to shoot the crossbow. 
  • First, Right-click on the crossbow to crowd.
  • When you see that the drawstring looks taut, that’s the time when you need to understand that the weapon is loaded.
  • When fully charged, fire the crossbow by releasing the use button.

Make Fireworks Explode in Minecraft

Making the Fireworks Explode in Minecraft is like drinking a Drinking cup of tea. There is zero specific skill required to make your Minecraft fireworks explode. The time you are going to launch them, they will fly vertically. It will take a short period to assemble a fireworks Explode.

You will also see the fireworks display explode, which will completely depend upon the stars’ effects and color we have chosen during the Crafting. By adding different multiple stars, they all will explode simultaneously.

Make Fireworks Fly Longer in Minecraft

If you want to modify your fireworks, you must try to make fireworks that will fly longer in Minecraft. For that, you need one thing: more Gunpowder. The Gunpowder you will add, the longer your fireworks will fly in Minecraft. Single Gunpowder can throw rockets 20 Blocks. If you add three or four Gunpowder the distance can reach up To 34 blocks to 52 Blocks. In Simple words, Gunpowder is Directly Proportional to Distance.

Make Fireworks in Minecraft like Some Creeper

Make Creeper Fireworks in Minecraft5
Make Creeper Fireworks in Minecraft1
  • First, open your Crafting Table.
  • Now combine one white dye, a cheeper head, and Gunpowder in a crafting table. 
  • You can add some extra effects to creeper fireworks by adding one diamond. That will explode the rockets into different thrilling effects.
  • Move your Creeper Star to the Commodities so you can utilize it after that.
  • Now again, open the crafting table, and this time, you need to add one creeper-shaped star, with one Gunpowder and one piece of Paper. 
  • Look at the right side of your table, and you will see a Creeper Fireworks Rocket. 
  • Move it to the Merchandise so you can utilize it.
Make Creeper Fireworks in Minecraft3
Make Creeper Fireworks in Minecraft5

Pro’s and Con’s of Making Fireworks in Minecraft


Fireworks in Minecraft can be used for Decoration and Entertainment.

You have a high ability of Customization while making fireworks.

Fireworks can serve as navigation tools.

Fireworks can produce various special effects, like trail burst sizes.


Making fireworks can be resource-intensive.

The crafting process for fireworks can be complex.

Fireworks have a limited duration.


In Short, making fireworks in Minecraft can be fun and a more visually appealing activity. That will authorize you to illustrate your creativeness and construct as you desire. But for all that, you will need some Resources and must master the crafting process. One more thing you have to remember is that if you are playing Minecraft Java Edition, your fireworks will explode as they are going to hit the enemy. But in Bedrock Edition, they will explode on the Surface, not on the enemy, when they will hit him.


Minecraft doesn’t have Heart-Shaped fireworks, but it has a workaround you can make by Crafting.

Fireworks can be loaded into crossbows. The more stars will be in fireworks, the more damage it will create.

If you want to craft a Fire Charge, you will need Blaze Powder, Charcoal, and Gunpowder and combine them with your desired Firework Charges in Minecraft.

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