How to Grow Baby Villagers Faster In Minecraft

How to Grow Baby Villagers Faster In Minecraft?

Baby villagers are the newest breed of villagers who come into being after they get a proper diet, a bed, and a suitable location( home). A villager couple can produce babies if they are fully adult and continuously love to lay a newborn in the village. When a baby villager is born, it can be easily adjustable between 1×1 block space.

Grow Baby Villagers Faster Their Growth and Its Benefits

In a normal game period, baby villagers take 20 minutes to grow into adults ( conditions possible). Their speedy growth can help the expansion and construction of the village. Increasing numbers of adult villagers directly related to the prosperity and progress of the village. Growing a baby villager can take time, but all you need to do is feed them well with berries, fruits, and pies, and you can get discounts on all this stuff.

Baby villagers taking 20 real-time minutes is not a big deal, but if you are interested in watching them grow faster, you can follow these tricks. Now, the most frequently asked and demanded question is: How can a player grow their baby villager faster to make them able to work in the village and fulfil village needs?

There are multiple ways you can try for rapid growth. All of them are listed in the sequence.

The Ultimate Minecraft 1.20 Guide To Villager Mechanics & Breeding 1

Your Presence Near the Baby Villagers

When you start playing Minecraft, you feel the villagers and their babies are not growing in the way they should be. And you start moving away from the village as it starts disappearing. If you do this, the life in the village stops, and their growth also stops. Baby villagers need proper surveillance and care.

To do so, you must keep them at the center of the Minecraft village. In this way, all villagers’ and players’ attention is always focused on the babies and their schedules. It would help if you had to be around them. It can be the easiest way to grow them without hurdling their growth.

Feed Frequently

Another best way to grow the babies faster is to give them more bread to feed. The more bread you feed them, the less time they consume to become fully adult.

You can follow the way to feed the baby villagers;

  • Hold the bread in your hands.
  • Come near the baby and click or tap on them to start feeding.
  • The baby villager will take the food, and a heart sign will appear on their head, indicating their faster growth. This is called ‘love mode’ in which they also get ready for the next breed.
  • Keep feeding them until they grow into an adult villager.
  • The food you can feed is carrots, bread, potatoes, and beetroot.
  • Don’t miss their feeding time because their growth only depends on you, not on their parents.

Fasten Game Time

To perform this act, you can use two recommended ways. One is Creative mode, in which you go to the phone setting and change it’s date & time. Second, you use diamonds and coins within the game to move time faster. Both ways positively affect the growth of Baby villagers and make them working adults in a short time.

Provide a Playing Field

Baby villagers can not survive in a consistent environment, and they need free space and a playing area like a nursery. It helps them to grow faster and more openly. They move and surround the field, which leads them to learn exploration and navigation of their related things. Baby villager’s gowns like this become strong and advance in the future

Provide with Toys

For faster growth, every baby needs a healthy and happy environment, just like a human baby. Baby villagers also need toys to play with and keep themselves busy in entertainment. Toys you supply them can be blocks, puzzles, fruit, plants, and pets. Toys allow them to participate in extracurricular activities actively. These activities stimulate their faster growth.

The Ultimate Minecraft 1.20 Guide To Villager Mechanics & Breeding

Good Sleep Is Necessary

Sleep timing is the precious period when the body grows and repairs itself. A human baby needs 20 hours of sleep initially, the same as the baby villagers require more sleeping time. They don’t want to get disturbed while napping. Doing this can affect their growth and health. Sleep ensures not only their growth but also their physical capabilities, strength, and working ability in adulting.

Evade Over-Population

When lots of baby villagers get crowded at the same place, it burdens all of them. Because of overpopulation, some side effects happen, which are;

  • Due to the high population, food shortage is a major bad effect.
  • Baby villagers never get individual space to play and roam around.
  • Lower attention to each baby villager makes them feel abandoned.

Pros and Cons of Growing Baby Villagers Faster


They start helping you at work.

You can make your Minecraft a grand place.

Village becomes crowded and looks cool.


Growing babies need more food supplies.

They consume the time of gameplay.

Baby villagers are so sensitive that they can hurt.


Baby villagers are the upcoming working generation of Minecraft. Their work in the future is to build and restructure the village and extend it to their modern ways. Mostly, Players demand them to grow faster than their normal speed. These growing techniques are all applicable and already tested. So, they will allow you to get baby villagers into adult villagers faster.

The main things a player should focus on are their food supply, proper care, free space, and toys. AmaAmazing, their growing patterns are the same as a human baby grows. In Minecraft, growing baby villagers is another level of fun and enjoyment.

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No, if you follow the above tactics, it will never lead your gameplay to any failure and error.

Baby villagers are the future workers who help you build a greater city or village through their hard work and strength. They are the most precious assets in Minecraft development.

Not sure, but as low as their density remains, their growth and health remain good. A couple can produce as many baby villagers as they are provided with good food, privacy, and love.

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