How to Find a Village in Minecraft

How to Find a Village in Minecraft?

When you are playing in survival mode, and you want to buy or sell something or want to make any trade for that, you come to Villages. Here you must know about how you can find a village in Minecraft. By finding a town, you can harvest your crops and breed your horses or any animal you want. You will make trades with different villagers for some best items or anything you want from the game. All that is possible when you able to find a village in Minecraft.

That’s where you can do all these things, and we will help you to find how to find a village in Minecraft. Sometimes when you are already serving, and you want to shelter, and your enemies are about to kill you, you need a town to hide there to gain your energy and collect some resources and then return with a different strategy. So for all that you need a city to find, that will be a little tricky and easy also.

There are some methods which are used to find villages in Minecraft. Some of those easy and efficient methods we have discovered and that we will share here for you.

How to Find a Village in Minecraft?

Techniques to Discover Villages in Minecraft

First Method:

Explore Manually to Find Villages

Where to Find: As you know, every player has a different Minecraft world because it was generated randomly. So finding village in Minecraft is the most effective way. Villages will mostly be found in the Desert, Biomes of Savannas. Most towns look different from the outside environment because they are made of wood and some cobblestones. Cut a dash from the outside.

Prepare for the Journey: Now you know where you can find a Village in Minecraft, so gather all your essential tools, like bed, food, and weapons, before you start looking. Because it’s going to be a long journey to find a village. Here is a Tip For you:

Always travel during the day and at night Don’t Go out. Try to Dig and spend all your night there because mobs are waiting for their food.

Finding a village in MINECRAFT  How to Find a Village in Minecraft?

If you get out at night, you’re going to be their food.

Find Some Transport: If you have Transported, it will be easy for you to find, there are many things you can use for Transport, but horses are some of the best and fastest Transport in Minecraft. First, you need to put a saddle on the horse so it won’t be able to throw you off and you can control him. Be friendly with your horse and interact with him several times but remember to feed him well. 

Find Torch for Night: You will need to find a torch for the night because, on one side, you are looking for to find a Village in Minecraft to live in, and on the other side, mobs are behind you. They can kill you before you even find any village. If you see any fire or Lava nearby, there must be more chance that nearby is some village, so look around you will find what you are looking for.

Second Method:

Use Cheat Code to Find a Village in Minecraft

First, you need to see whether your cheat code setting is enabled. If not, then first go and will allow them. Go to settings, then click on the world option. After that, you will see the Cheat code setting is disabled; first, enable it by clicking. Now come back and resume your game.

Open up your chat: You can open a chat by pressing T on the Desktop. If you are Paying on the phone, then click pause the game, and if you are using Console, press the right button. By doing that, the chat will be opened in the Console.

Find Your Message And Click on it
Write that command to find a Village in Minecraft (1)

Put Command: Open your chat and enter this Command /locate structure village, then hit enter. Now you will see a Message pop us; there, you will know they are telling you to go to some specific area to find your nearest Village.

Open up the chat box again and now put that code /tp [username] [x-coordinate] [y-coordinate] [z-coordinate]: Remember you have received a message from your Village. You have to put that information there to locate that Village if you received a letter like;  / tp Jaki- 565 87 1. You have to put that into that code. / tp Jaki 565 87 1 and then press Enter.

Now you will be able to see nearby villages on your maps and direction to where that Village is located. If you are underground, first dig to the top to get outside and start travelling towards the Village. By doing that you will be able to find a village in Minecraft 

Third Method:

Use Maps

You can use maps to find Villages nearby you. But it is a little tricky, too, because you need to know the icon of a Village in Minecraft.

Spot Village Icons: When looking at a map, keep your eye on some specific icon that represents some structures. That Structure is like Square Shapes that are arranged recognizably. When you see something different or distinctively patterned on the map, that tells there is some village nearby. So click on that Shape, make it your focus point, and follow it. Within a Short time, you will be able to find a Village in Minecraft.

Pros and Cons of Discovering a Village in Minecraft


You will have some already made Structures like House and Frames which you can use.

Once you find a village, you have a bundle of opportunities that will be open for you, like trade.

You will have the company of your likewise in the Village and won’t let you get bored.

You have much safety and Shelter while living in a Village.


Zombies mostly attack villages to destroy them and get things they need out of the Village.

You will see a Limited variety of trade in the Village because everything will be made and traded within the Village.

There will be a ton of competition between all the villagers in trading.


Finding a village in Minecraft will be exciting and tense at the same time. Looking for a town in Minecraft has its benefits and opportunities. It would be best to remember that only some worlds have a village, so sometimes you cannot find any town in the world you are playing. In that circumstance, you must modify the planet to discover a Village


Yes, go to the chat box and type this code  /locate structure village to see if there is any village in your Word.

Because many worlds in Minecraft don’t have any villages in them, that’s the reason you are still looking for villages.

Yes, you can find a village in Minecraft without cheating; you can find it by searching manually or looking at your game map.

There are many villages but snowy tundra biomes are one of the rarest villages in Minecraft, and it’s tough to find them.

Yes, Ancient cities are real, and they are very hard to find also because they can only be found Underground, But still, there are many methods to find them. 

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