Fastest Ways To Mine Ore in Minecraft 1.20

Fastest Ways To Mine Ore in Minecraft 1.20

Mining is an obviously vital part of Minecraft, although it can take a ton of time. So in this Article I’ll show you only the Fastest Ways To Mine Ore in Minecraft 1.20.There are special tricks for each and every ore material that make you get more of them. So of course the most obvious thing is having a good pickaxe efficiency makes you mine things well, more efficiently or quicker. Of course also we have fortune, and that adds a massive benefit as well.

Fastest Ways To Mine Ore in Minecraft

So basically the benefit does depend on the ore, but they’re almost all the same. It multiplies the average amount of material you’ll get on that ore by 2.2, so you get 2.2 times the diamonds, the lapis, the emeralds, the copper, the coal. However, there is only one exception, and that is actually Redstone ore. For whatever reason, and I’m not sure why, Redstone ore only gives you 33% more or 1.33 times the amount of material when mined with fortune.

Best Places to Mine Iron

Either way, obviously that’s the number one way of mining these things more efficiently. Now on to each material specifically and the tricks for all of these, because there’s a lot of them. The best two places to mine iron are in giant iron ore veins. These will spawn the deep slate layer and you’ll know what they are because it’s basically a mix of tough as well as iron.

If you continue to mine the tough around at once, all the exposed iron is gone. You’ll find more and more iron to an insane degree where there can literally be over 10,000 iron ore in one of these giant iron ore veins. So that’s certainly one of the best places to mine iron. The other one is the Stony or jagged peaks, so in this Biome, there’s a ton of exposed iron ore up here.

Best Places to Mine Iron

How to Get the Seed of Your World?

It’s also easier to mine stone-iron ore. So how do you actually use these two locations To mine at the quickest? We want to go on and type in the seed for your world. If you don’t have your seed, you can simply type slash seed or check your world’s options in Bedrock Edition. Then go down here on the seed map and basically on this list of features. Make sure to enable our veins. Scroll down to the map and you’ll notice tons of different iron ore veins around here.

Find your coordinates and find an iron ore vein of the medium or hopefully large varieties as close to you as you can. And once you’ve found where this giant ore vein is and you start to mine it out, what you want to do is you want to set up a beacon. And then once you have that haste to effect, you can mine through this much quicker, actually instantly mining that tough, which is really nice and it’s super easy just to go through here with your Fortune 3 pickaxe.

Mining all kinds of Iron ore

Mining all kinds of iron ore.Mining the tough, finding more iron ore and even the occasional raw iron block is able to spawn here. So this is one of the most efficient ways of getting iron.Of course, you could also build an iron farm if you want. And because the location of all the iron here tends to be fairly localized, it should still all be in range of that haste to beacon. And literally in like 1 minute there we have like 3 stacks of raw iron.

Best Mountainside Mining Method in minecraft

Best Mountainside Mining Method

If you want to do the mountainside mining method, then basically get yourself a Latra and some fireworks. If you want to do this the most efficient way and fly down to where you see some of the ore, then mine out the ore. Oftentimes there’s really big clusters of ore here and once you’ve mined out an area, simply fly on onto another area and keep mining it out. I’ve been able to get enough iron for an entire beacon just mining on a Stony Peaks after only doing so for maybe half an hour.

And of course this does also work in basically any tall mountain Biome, even a very tall amount of generation. But these Stony peaks are definitely the best because most of it is exposed.

How to Mine Gold in Minecraft?

What about gold? Well, you can find a lot of gold inside of the Mesa Biome because it’s sort of meant to be like the Wild West where there was a lot of gold mines and different gold rushes.But it is also very commonly found inside of the Nether. And if you’re Java edition, you can also set up a gold farm on the roof of the Nether.

Fastest Way to Mine Gold in Minecraft

Well, for Badlands or Mesa Biome gold, the most efficient way to mine it is you want to have night vision and of course a good pickaxe and you basically want to go in an area that is the stone layer, so not the Terracotta and also not the deep Slade. It’s sort of this range between about 0 and 50.And with that night vision on, you can see all the different pieces of gold ore that generate all around the side.

So for instance, you can notice here we have tons of surface gold ore that is just going around everywhere really. Having a later on scaffolding and different building blocks to mine across this wide range of Y levels is almost always a really good idea as usually the caves you’ll find a loss of exposed gold or like this if you want to mine gold in the Nether.

Fastest Ways To Mine Every Ore in Minecraft 1.20 - Diamond, Iron, Lapis, Go

Things we need to Aware of During Mining Gold

Just be aware that mining any gold or in the Nether does make the piglins angry, and especially if you’re in a Biome where piglins generate really frequently like let’s say the Crimson Forest, you want to have some really good armor like let’s say diamond armor of course. Also because this is the Nether, a fire resistance potion is almost always a good idea.And of course may be noticing something.

Most Effective Way to Mine Gold

I’m mining the gold here with Fortune, but is that the most efficient way? Well, technically not. Technically. The most efficient way is actually to mine this little silk touch if you do have silk touch, and then to smelt that. But as you can for instance see right here, you have to be really aware of any lava pockets as they do tend to be in the game a lot. And so you’ll basically get slightly more out of this because when you mine the nether gold or with fortune, you get slightly under 9 gold Nuggets as an average, but a silk touch.

When you smelt these you always get one of the gold ingots, which is of course equivalent to 9 gold Nuggets. Also a good thing is if you’re mining this of course with fortune you will get levels from that gold or. However, if you’re mining with silk touch, you can get some levels by putting that silk touch pickaxe in your offhand and mining some quarts with your main hand. And again, just like the Mesa, the efficiency of mining gold in the nether is honestly a lot due on which area you’re in.

What to Do With Piglin If They Come on Our Way?

Also any piglin you find will be hostile at you no matter whether you wear gold or not if you are mining the gold or here. So I would suggest it if you do see a piglin, of course not a zombified piglin just to kill it before it even comes near you or even before it notices you, because it’s definitely worthwhile to do that and not risk getting killed by Redstone.

First Method of Mining Really Efficiently

The first one is super deep underground and let’s say strip mining underground or even just caving underground. Redstone doesn’t have an air exposure rule, so because of that you will find absolutely huge amounts of it inside of caves.

Second Method of Mining Really Efficiently.

Now which firms are actually fairly cheap and easy to build, basically just using a lot of string and tripwire hooks. And the great thing about which farm is that they give you super large amounts of Redstone dust.So you want to go to your caves that are as low down as you possibly can, again because there’s none of that air exposure. Caves are definitely much better than strip mining, but also suggests illuminating the place by drinking night vision and you can see a lot better.And for instance the Redstone over on this wall here.

As I said earlier, Fortune is least effective on Redstone and so because of that it’s not necessarily a bad idea to go Redstone mining before you have a fortune pickaxe. But of course Fortune will give you about 33% more. As you can see, Redstone is actually fairly common underground and so if I were you, what I would do is bring a crafting table with you. Another reason why is it then you can craft all the Redstone.


Learn the fastest ways to mine ore in Minecraft 1.20, including essential tips for iron, gold, and Redstone mining. Use fortune for better yields, mine in specific biomes, create gold farms, and utilize silk touch for efficient resource gathering. Handle piglins in the Nether, and choose between strip mining, caving, or witch farms for Redstone mining to maximize your resources.


No, if you follow the above tactics, it will never lead your gameplay to any failure and error.

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