How to Breed Horses In Minecraft

How to Breed Horses In Minecraft?

Sometimes even when you have some of the best Minecraft seeds, you still need biomes near the spawn point. At this point, you will need something to ride, and as you know, Minecraft is a realistic game so you will use animals for it. And that should be Hours; here, We will show you the ropes and how to breed horses in Minecraft. Much faster and easier way. Because riding horses will allow you to move more quickly, and horses are some of the best mobs in the game.

When do you know how to breed horses in Minecraft? Then you don’t need to travel the world on two legs when you can cross over with your horses. All you need is just two horses; you have to choose which Horse you desire to reproduce. Now you have a horse, you will need two Apples or Two Carrots. By having all that, you can reproduce as many horses as you want and even make an army of your horses if you wish.

How to Breed Horses In Minecraft?

Things We Need to Reproduce Horses in Minecraft

Breeding is more accessible than we humans have made it. Here in Minecraft breading of horses , it’s like drinking a Cup of Tea. Even though you can feed wheat and grass to horses, you will need help to breed horses. For breeding, you will need Two Apples or Two Carrots. Yeah, just these two food atoms, and you can reproduce as much as you want. It would help you to Breed Horses in Minecraft if you kept in mind that here also, different kinds of horses will be found.

Where Can We Find Horses and Food Atoms to Breed?

So first thing first, you need to find a horse. Hours can be discovered anywhere in fields, and you can purchase them from the marketplace or townhouses. Still, if you want to avoid buying, plains and savannas are among the best places to find a great variety of horses. The second thing you need is any of these two food items, either Apples or Carrots to breed horses in Minecraft.

You can harvest your apples and carrots and use them for breeding purposes, but still, there are many things to do where you will need them. If you don’t want to harvest, you can buy from a marketplace or villagers in your world. After having everything you need now, you are ready to breed your horses in Minecraft Apks.

How to Breed Horses in Minecraft?

Breading of Horses in Minecraft
  • After having all that you need for breeding, it’s time to make actual babies of your Horse in Minecraft. It would help if you had recourse to breed, which are Horses, Apples, or Carrots.
  • Tie both your horses. Now interact with your one Horse and try to climb on top of it. It won’t be easy to mount, so be patient because you will fall a couple of times. Try again after falling, and keep trying until you find a heart on top of the Horse.  
  • Now get these Apples or Carrots and change them to Golden Apples or Golden Carrots. While having all that you will be able to Breed Horses in Minecraft.

Change Apple to Golden Apple in Minecraft

  • To change the apple or carrot to golden, you have to put Apple into the center of the crafting table, and in other remaining empty boxes, you have to fill golden ingots. Now here comes another question: 
  • How you can make Golden Ingots. Put your gold in the furnace and melt, and there you have your Golden Ingots ready to use to breed horses in minecraft. 
  • To make the golden carrot repeat the same process; instead of adding golden nuggets, you have to add Gold Nuggets, and the remaining process is the same as it was for golden apples.
  • Now time to make some real babies. So close together your horses and put Gold apples or Gold carrots on both horses. Now that you have perfectly placed the Gold apples or Carrots, you will see hearts on both of your Horse’s heads. That’s the time when they both will make a new baby horse.
  • You have to wait two or three minutes to see a newborn baby horse. And there you have it you finally breed horses in Minecraft
  • Wait a little bit, like 20 minutes, till your baby horse grows into a fully developed horse. 
  • If you want to breed your Horse again, you have to wait for five minutes, and if you move around in those minutes, the horses will also follow you because you have bleeding food in your hand. Keep in mind they will not eat that. You can breed them again after passing them in five minutes, and you can repeat that process as many times as you want. There is no such limit. But for all that, you will need lots of Golden apples and Carrots.
Baby After Breading of horses in Minecraft

Making Horse Breed of Different Colors

  • It’s evident that when you are going to breed a lot, you want more than just a single-color breed so you will need more colors and more qualities in your horses. 
  • In Minecraft, there can be seven different colors with different patterns of horses, so you can make any color by choosing them. Like humans, horse babies are also likely to look like their parents, so be careful when you breed them. If you are looking for a specific color, you have to choose the horses of that color. 
  • 5.2 If you want a specific breed of child, you have to find that particular Horse to breed to get your desired baby out of them. Horse children will get the same qualities as these parents have, so try to find the best present to get the best child out of them.
Horse's Color in Minecraft

How to Breed a Mule in Minecraft?

To make a Mule in Minecraft, you will need a horse and a Donkeys’ and follow the same steps that you did in making Horse Baby. By doing the same process, you can make a Mule in Minecraft.

What can we do with Horses and Mules in Minecraft?

  • As you know, horses are pretty fast to move. You can ride the Horse all over the map. Remember to put the saddle on him. Your horse speed depends upon horse stats. Multiple-time breeding can help generate faster and higher jumper horses.
  • You can ride the Horse by using the mouse and movement keys. You need to know that horses can also jump through obstacles. The weakest Horse can jump only one block, and the best Horse can jump up to 5 blocks.
  • Your Horse can also wear armor for additional protection, but that armor will only help him get killed quickly. It will not stop the injury of or damage to your Horse. And you can Breed horses in Minecraft Apk more when you need. 
  • As some of you already know, mules have been used for carrying all food and different heavy atoms. So here in Minecraft, you can also use it to take extra inventory. I need to remember that Mules cannot breed, so they will not be used for breeding purposes.

Pros and Cons Of Breeding Horses in Minecraft


Breeding horses help players move faster across the map world more efficiently.

Breeding horses gives a chance to build more control breeds.

Breeding helps you create a special bond with your Horse

Breeding horses can enhance their visual looks.


Breeding horses can cost you lots of effort and resources or extra money.

Having multiple horses at a single time will make it difficult to arrange their food.

Some horses will not be able to breed because of their traits.

If you have access to multiple transport methods, breeding is proper.


Keep in mind that breeding horses can be time-consuming and sometimes frustrating. Breeding has its pros and cons, but still, it has more pros and can help you in many ways. Breeding will need lots of resources and inventory to feed them and take care of them to ensure that before you start breeding them.

But little patience and care can create a complete variety farm of unique horses with other qualities. We have covered everything you need to know about How to Breed Horses in Minecraft? If we missed something do let us know in the comments below.


Yes, White horses are probably the fastest horses in Minecraft, so if you want the quickest Horse, breed two white horses.

Yes, Skeleton Horses are considered the rarest horses in Minecraft. But these horses can’t breed.

You can use Golden Apple or Carrots to breed horses in Minecraft.

Yes, you can Breed them fast by feeding them well enough. Or it will take ten to twenty minutes to breed and grow a baby into a whole horse. But first you need to learn the basics of how to breed horses in minecraft?

Taming the Horse in Minecraft will be a little tricky at the start for you but keep hope. Once you get to know your Horse and vice versa, it will be easy for you to Tame a Horse in Minecraft.

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